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Proceedings of the 30th African Conference of Sports Medicine

02 , May , 2019

Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Ashraf Sobhi and AUC President Dr. Constantine Row inaugurated the 30 th African Medical Medicine Conference under the title "Challenges and Developments in Sports Medicine" organized by the African Union of Sports Medicine under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. .


Where the Minister of Youth and Sports stressed the Ministry's interest in such conferences


The general trend in the current period is to upgrade sports medicine and work to improve the therapeutic and medical system for players to avoid the dangers of injuries, which may deprive Egypt and its players from acting in international tournaments and forums.

The lecture will be attended by a number of doctors, including Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz, where he will give a lecture entitled "Knee injuries and cruciate ligament


Dr. Mamdouh Mahfouz Lecture entitled "Reading and reports in Diagnostic Radiology", Dr. Mohamed Kadri Bakri Lecture entitled "Physical Rehabilitation and Injuries" and Dr. Mohammad Al-Arabi Shamoon Lecture entitled "Physiology of Psychology in dealing with sports injuries" and Dr. Safa Tawfiq Al-Husseini For athletes).

The conference was attended by Dr. Imad Al-Banani, President of the Egyptian and Arab Federation for Sport for All, Dr. Mohamed Sobhi Hassanein, First Vice-President of the Egyptian Sports Federation of Universities and Dr. Hanan Abdel Moneim, Vice President of Aswan University.

Proceedings of the 30th African Conference of Sports Medicine

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